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SEO & Reputation Management
Get Found Online- Or Be Hidden- We Don't Judge.

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Web Development
Full Scale Projects, Large & Small Business Website Design & Customization, All Mobile Responsive Design.
We Make Websites That Drive Business
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PR & Content Distribution
We know how to get the word out for you. Let us help you build your content and spread the word.
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Internet Marketing
We are online advertising experts. Facebook to Adwords and everything in between. We'll help you find the platform that best reaches your target demographic, and help you stay in budget on your ad spend.
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The Matrix of Metrics: Online Marketing and Your Small Business
Often we encounter clients looking for ways to increase their bottom line and their exposure without putting a dent in their wallet.  One of the most effective tools that can [...]
Social Media Marketing Advice For B2Bs
A few years ago the sentiment was that if you didn’t have a website than you weren’t in business. Having a website designed gave current and potential customers a way [...]
6 Things You Didn’t Know About Social Media
Social media is a really neat tool for business owners to use to connect to consumers and other business owners.  It’s free marketing and pr.  It’s a great way to [...]
5 Things You Can Do On Your Own To Boost Your Website’s SEO
We get people all the time who come to us saying- we need help with SEO but can’t afford to hire someone!  Working with Small Businesses, we understand how budgets [...]
Is Your Site Ranking?
How does your site rank on Google? What have you done to improve it? Your website content has so much to do with how Google, Yahoo and Bing index it [...]
Web Design Made Simple
Small businesses should save where they can.  One way is to use a pre-designed theme and customize. [...]
Brand Identity
How do your potential clients identify with your brand?  Does your logo identify with your core business practice?  It’s important to carry your themes, colors and logos across all your [...]
Success in Marketing, Sales and Beyond…
Success is not something that comes easily.  A wise man taught me that you had to work hard for things you want to see succeed and then work to help [...]


  • "Kristen is a true professional and stays current with the fast moving world of marketing technology including website designs, SEO and social media. Kristen and her team tackle any problem quickly, creatively and affordably."  
    Alan Andrews
    CEO/Founder North Star Stone, Inc.