5 Quick Tips For Small Businesses

Small businesses should definitely use social media- it’s what we call the best set of free marketing tools out there!  Here’s 5 Quick Tips every small business owner should know about using social media…

1. No one has time to sit on Twitter and Facebook all day.  Especially when you’re busy running your business.  We recommend using a tool like Hootsuite to help you manage the time you spend managing your social media networks.  With Hootsuite you can post to Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media networks- and schedule those posts ahead of time so you don’t have to sit there all day!

2. Engagement is the key to social media.  Showing new fans and followers that you’re interested in what they do, will get them interested in what you do.  Take time to mention them, thank new followers, ask questions, and compliment them. You’d be surprised how many will return the favor.

3.  Periodically search new people out on Twitter who are in your area- physically and mentally.   Follow those new people- chances are, they’ll follow you back.

4.  Set up an auto Direct Message for new followers.  Using a free service like SocialOomph.com, you can set up a new message to automatically be sent to new followers on Twitter.  You can invite them to visit your Facebook page, your website, or just say thanks for  following.

5. Don’t forget #FollowFriday!  Every Friday on Twitter is #FF or Follow Friday.  This is a day where you “mention” your favorite twitter followers.  Those that you mention, are likely to return the favor- and this is a great way to build new followers.

Stay tuned for more tips coming on the use of Social Media Marketing for small businesses.

Author: Insignia IMC

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