Save A Tree, Send An Email

Small businesses spending money on snail mail advertising may be wasting a lot of money.  Did you know that according to the EPA, more than 50% of direct mail is discarded?  And that’s without even being opened first! That doesn’t account for how much has been opened and discarded.  I’m a sucker for saving a tree, and a good friend of mine made me extremely conscious of the garbage I was throwing away.  So instead of throwing away my unopened junk mail, I started recycling it. I don’t even open my bills anymore- I check them online and pay them online and if I don’t look at my paper bills, you can bet I don’t look at my direct mail ads (unless they have coupons!).  How many other people do the same?

Direct mail campaigns can be extremely costly- from the acquisition of a mailing list to the paper and ink, to the postage, one direct mail campaign can significantly break your budget without promising results.  You can’t even tell how many people opened your mail or looked at your ad. Most of our clients have a goal of increasing the traffic to their websites and social media networks.  If increasing visitors to your site is your goal, then you may want to reconsider running that direct mail campaign and replacing it with an email marketing campaign.

Email marketing, aside from being environmentally friendly offers you as the advertiser so many more options at an extremely lower cost.  Did you know that you can tell exactly who opened an email, what time they opened it, and whether or not they clicked a link in the newsletter?  You can add images, links to your website, your Twitter page, and Facebook, and all the text you want to an email marketing campaign- all without paying money for something that might get thrown away.

Email marketing isn’t right for every campaign- and you do need to have a good email list built up before starting one.  There’s many ways to build up an email list depending on your website, your customer base, and where you’re marketing to.  That’s all coming in another Insignia IMC post soon!

Some may say “People delete emails faster than they throw away junk mail” but when you consider that the email they may delete cost less than a penny to send and the brochure they tossed cost anywhere from $.50 to $2.00 or more. While I don’t advocate throwing money away, I’d rather throw away pennies instead of dollars any day. Plus you’ll save a tree or two.

Author: Insignia IMC