Cabernet and Twitter

Businesses, big and small, should be using Twitter.  There’s lots of reasons why, but one of the best I can think of is that it gives your followers a chance to connect with your company on a more intimate level.  Giving your customers a more personal side of you and your company can give you an opportunity to forge a connection between them and your business.  When they need something you sell, and they’ve formed a connection with you, you’ll be at the top of their list and they’ll more likely to refer you to friends and family.

Here’s a great example:  It’s no secret I love wine.  To me, there’s nothing like a good glass of cabernet or pinot noir at the end of the day.  I found a wine that I really love, but the problem is, that I can’t find it anywhere near my house. And today, when I started searching for it, I had a tough time finding any local shops who carried it, so I turned to Twitter.

I realized that the winery that makes the wine I love- NxNW (King Estate) is on Twitter.  And I was delighted to see that they were using it effectively- so I followed them and asked them for any local stores who carried the wine.  A few minutes later, they followed me back.  A few seconds later, I had a response from them and an email address that I was able to get a list of the local stores who carried their wine.  They did everything that they should do in my book- they followed back, they answered (really) promptly, and they showed personality and thanked me for complimenting their product. Just as they’ve “developed strong, creative relationships with growers and fellow winemakers”, they’re doing the same with their customers. And now I’m writing a blog post about them and maybe sending a few of you their way to get some wine!

Any business can work like this.  Using Twitter to effectively connect and engage your customers is time consuming, but well worth it- no matter what industry you’re in.  Now go follow @KingEstate on Twitter.  I’m headed out to get some cabernet!

Author: Insignia IMC