Why Your Small Business Needs A Facebook Landing Page

Well, we’ve been busy, but today wanted to spread the word on the value of a Facebook Landing Page, as sooooo many businesses don’t have one! Facebook may not be for everyone, but increasingly businesses are seeing the value of it as a marketing platform.

Your Facebook page speaks volumes about your business.  But, what exactly is it saying about your business?

Is it active?

Does it offer up information on what you do?

Does it show off your brand?

It should not only be a place for people to come to talk about your product/service, but it should be an additional place where they can learn about what you do and how you do it.  Now, we’re embarrassed to admit that Insignia’s Facebook page hasn’t been following those rules (Hey! We’ve been busy!) but we’re going to be practicing what we preach (and what we do for our clients!) from now on, so keep an eye on us!

The key to giving new visitors to your Facebook Page the best information about you is to have a landing page.  Your landing page can do a variety of things from showing off your new products, getting visitors to sign up for your newsletter, offering up another branding opportunity for your small business, and even showing off a video or pictures of your products.  With the use of Facebook iFrames, there is really no limit to what you can do with your Facebook page.  And- a good landing page will help your visitors convert to “Likes”- which is exactly what you need!

What would you want to show off on your Facebook landing page? Leave a comment here or head over to our Facebook page and tell us what you want out of a landing page for your small business!  And stay tuned for our list of top 10 ideas for marketing on Facebook coming next week!

Author: Insignia IMC