Local Marketing for Your Small Business


Countless small businesses are missing something from their marketing campaign:  Local Marketing.  Do you own a storefront?  Are your main customers people within a 25 mile radius?  How do they find you? As a local business, you need to make sure you’re advertising in the right places.

One of the best and least expensive ways to get started is to create a local listing.  It’s easy to create one- head over to Google’s Local Business Center.  Log in with your Gmail or Google apps account and claim your listing.  Add tags that are appropriate to your business- think of what you’d type in a search engine if you were looking for a company like yours.  Google will even help you with suggestions if you aren’t sure which keywords to choose.  Don’t forget to upload images of your products (up to 10), add your address, your website, your hours, and your phone number.  You can create special offers, coupons and deals too with your local listing- be sure to take advantage of this!

Now that your local listing has been created, it will take a while for it to bump up to the top of the search.  To be sure your listing moves up the list, make sure to update it regularly, and be sure you have accurate information about your business.  Ask your customers to rate your business through your places page. The more ratings you have, the better chances you have to move up the list.

As you wait (and pray!) for your local listing to move up towards the top of the list- you might be interested in trying one of Google’s PPC campaigns.   You should try out Google Boost. Google boost gives your add a “boost” to the top of the list for your selected keywords.  It’s a relatively inexpensive and effective way to boost your local search results. As a local business, you may even find that Google Boost is more effective than Adwords for your small business.

Have you tried Google Boost?  Is your places page up to date?  Tell us what experiences you’ve found with Google Local Listings for your small businesses.  Leave a comment below or come and find us on our Facebook page!


Author: Insignia IMC