Brand Identity

Branding concept in tag cloudHow do your potential clients identify with your brand?  Does your logo identify with your core business practice?  It’s important to carry your themes, colors and logos across all your marketing material from your website to your business cards to your brochures.  Proper brand identity can help your products and services sell themselves.  If you offer more than one product or service, properly identifying your brand can help one service or product sell another.

We’ve seen many companies fail at branding.  Using different logos for the same products, different colors to identify the same services, and it only leads to confusion by the potential customer.  It’s important to keep your logos, schemes and themes the same across your website, social media and print material.  Your customers will be better able to identify you and your products and it makes it easier to recommend a product or service to a friend.  With the influx of social sharing, this can be crucial to a businesses success.


Author: Insignia IMC