6 Things You Didn’t Know About Social Media

Social media is a really neat tool for business owners to use to connect to consumers and other business owners.  It’s free marketing and pr.  It’s a great way to give potential customers a deeper insight into who and what your business is all about.  We’ve been over the basics, but here’s some things you might not know yet about your social powers:

1.  Pinterest Images can be posted several different ways. You can pin images directly from your website or upload them via the Pinterest website.  When you upload an image via Pinterest’s website- be sure to add your keywords and the domain (url) people can go to for more information on where the picture came from.  And one more tip- post your Pinterest pages as status updates to your Facebook page.  This can help co-promote and build your fans and followers on both social networking sites.

2.  Facebook posts can be scheduled- but that doesn’t mean you should do it!  Facebook used to “punish” users for scheduling posts or using scheduling software (think Hootsuite) by preventing scheduled posts from showing up on people’s newsfeeds.  They say now that they don’t mind if you do it (they even added a scheduling option right to business page admins).  So why not schedule?  It’s tricky to know why Facebook doesn’t care when it used to be a big deal.  If you’re using scheduling software to make your posts, it’s much less personal and Facebook knows this.  We think there may be a correlation between how your posts show on fans’ newsfeeds and how you send those posts out.  We would sure say it’s okay to use scheduling software once in a while, but since it doesn’t take long to post an update to a page, so why not just do it manually if you can take a few seconds?

3. Speaking of scheduling- don’t think you can “Set it and Forget it”.  A lot of business owners who manage their own social media will sit down one day a week, month, etc. and set that week/month’s tweets up in Hootsuite and then won’t touch it again for another week/month. What happens if someone responds and you miss it?  Besides that, if you’re scheduling tweets and posts for a week or month, then you are probably missing out on the main goal of social media- communication. Setting tweets/posts without the intent of checking back in for a few days misses the whole idea of connecting and reaching out to your followers.  Talk to your fans, compliment them, question them and interact with them. Be sure to check in once every day or two at the most- it only takes a few minutes and can be a valuable addition to your business!

4. Your keywords can help through social media!  Keyword density is also important in social media.  If a big goal of yours is better search engine optimization obtaining better rankings for keywords, then remember to use your keywords in the things you post.  Just be careful not to go overboard.  Your primary target is your audience, not search engines, but it’s always good to post about your keywords from time to time.  It won’t make a gigantic difference, but all these things can add up to better rankings.

5. It’s not as easy to see when another business has “liked” your Facebook fan page.  You get notified everytime a person “likes” your page, but you don’t get notified (nor is it included in your fan count) when a business “likes” your page.  You have to look at your “Likes” click on “See All” and then select “Pages That Like This” in order to see if any businesses/pages have “liked” your page.  Do this once every other week or so- and always “Like” them back!  Whew! That’s a lot of LIKES!  Don’t forget that networking with other businesses can be a great marketing tool.  If you both have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., use them together to co-promote.  Since we’re rolling with the cliches: Two heads are better than one!

6. It’s noted throughout the web that a whopping 70% of social media users trust unknown users reviews versus trusted experts and brands.  That means that 70% of your fans would rather read the comments on your Facebook page and other social media sites, than go through your website to learn about you and the work you do. With a number like that, make it count.  Facebook allows users to leave recommendations for your business on your Fan Page.  Ask your users to leave reviews and always ask your customers to leave reviews.  Even a good tweet your way from a happy customer should be retweeted and promoted on your own site.  A little goes a long way!  🙂


What do you think of these tips?  Do you think they’re sound advice? Anything you’d like to add? Post it on our Facebook page!

Author: Insignia IMC