Insignia IMC, located just outside of Chicago, Illinois was born long before it became a name.  Founded by Kristen Klawitter, Insignia became an avenue to offer more to small businesses who ran on sweat, hard work, and small budgets.  Kristen found a way for small businesses with small budgets to compete with the big guys.

Through a combination of experience in website design, graphic design, search engine optimization and public relations experience, Insignia became a way to offer the branding that many small businesses lack, on a budget that was manageable.

Insignia focuses on low cost, highly effective marketing and design tools that help to promote the heart of what a business is there for- to build customer base and increase sales.  Our team consists of designers, content marketers, PR professionals, web geeks, and a series of administrative professionals who are next to none with their experience and professionalism.