As we gained knowledge and proved our methods in web development and SEO, we branched out to include many other services- like press release marketing, social media marketing, logo and graphic design, and reputation management- always adding in the right team members and keeping ourselves updated on the latest info and news.

We offer a wide variety of services, and while they vary, they all come down to the same thing- building and protecting businesses to help them grow. All of our services tie into one another in some way, shape or form. And that’s what helps make them successful. Check out some of the services we offer below…

Throughout our years of building this business, we’ve learned a thing or two about the internet. When we first started, the goal for this business was to make cool websites. With those cool websites, our clients wanted a way to get them to show up on searches, so we schooled ourselves on SEO, added some team members and voila- we made them show up at the top of searches.

Website design should be clean, simple and effective. Insignia’s team of designers understand that. Our goal is to design sites that offer a visually pleasing experience for visitors to a site, and also to provide a guide for search engines to most effectively find the content in order to drive more traffic to a site.

Insignia can quickly design a site to your specifications, update an existing site, or expand on an existing site- at a cost that is within your budget.

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We speak algorithm. Our team of experts knows what it takes to help websites gain traction in search engines. Let us help your website get to the first page on Google.

If you’re on the other side of the fence and want to change the visibility of something showing on search engines (hide or boost it- we really don’t judge!) we can help. We use ethical, legitimate techniques to move, hide or show things on searches. And rest assured, we are 100% confidential.

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Let us help you get the word out! Our internet marketing and press release services can help your message reach far and wide- and as always, our specialty is keeping costs down.

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Social media stretches far and wide. Some social media networks work better than others for different businesses. We have the experience to draw in users on a wide variety of social media networks. We also know how to use Social Media to help boost your SEO. Let us help you get a plan in place to reach out to your audience.

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PPC is changing and for the better. We manage large and small scale PPC accounts on Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We know how to use these platforms to sell- and we know how to do it at a cost that is affordable.

Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression and other routes of paid advertising can offer an almost immediate return on investment.

Ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great solution for many businesses. The ads are often cost effective, and these ads platforms are offering extreme targeting options- helping you to reach your target audience and demographic.

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Coming Soon
Cyber Security Monitoring. Our team is working towards professional certification in CERT for Secure Coding and Vulnerability Analysis. We don’t like that hackers do what they do, and we’re going to be working towards better protecting e-commerce stores, websites and networks.