Web Design

Website design should be clean, simple and effective.  Insignia’s team of designers understand that. Our goal is to design sites that offer a visually pleasing experience for visitors to a site, and also to provide a guide for search engines to most effectively find the content in order to drive more traffic to a site.

Insignia can quickly design a site to your specifications, update an existing site, or expand on an existing site- at a cost that is within your budget.

Large Scale Websites

We have many clients with different needs when it comes to what a website is for and the functions it will need. This has given us a wide range of experience with what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is to find the most time and cost effective way to provide those functionalities. We build on Ruby on Rails, PHP and HTML5, and focus on integrating different services, softwares, and payment gateways safely and securely. We love to be tasked with learning our clients’ needs and then finding a way to meet them successfully.

Small Business Websites

Many of the smaller, more cost efficient sites we produce are built with WordPress. When properly maintained, a WordPress site can be a great platform for an e-commerce shop, small business or personal website. (WordPress is also a good tool for medium to large scale businesses!) The versatility, ease of use and plugins allow for the most robust websites, and WordPress in itself is a great CMS (Content Management System).  Our clients don’t have to come back to us to ask us to add a new webpage, a new blog post, or change their website’s content, unless they want to.  The average user can easily update their own WordPress website which makes WordPress an attractive option for non-technical users. And WordPress is a great platform for helping a website’s online search presence.

What Makes Our Websites Different

Every website we provide- big or small, includes one year of security monitoring to guard against hackers and malware. We also include one-on-one training for a team member (more if needed) to learn both how to use the website, shop and blog, and also how to best post for search engine optimization. We optimize each site that we complete and submit the new or updated site to search engines for indexing upon completion.